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Terry Sweeney

Answering the call

New tech helps contact centers improve consumer service.

IT Modernization

Eye on the incumbents

Whither Hewlett-Packard? You don't have to champion a new protocol or data-handling method to rearrange the storage landscape.

Fresh faces of storage

These young companies are poised to alter how government IT managers think about enterprise storage.


Instant message lockdown

Agencies grapple with control issues as users increasingly flock to IM

IT Modernization

From fantasy to reality

The values of network consolidation continue to drive efforts to build multiuse networks.

IT Modernization

One big wireless net

What happens when you put two great wireless technologies together?

Digital Government

D.C. stretches wireless net

One set of government users is working to ensure that broadband wireless connectivity is a reality for first responders.

IT Modernization

Room to roam

WiMax puts citywide wireless broadband in sight