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Tim Fielden


Web-based surveys: Queries made simple

Product review: Survey products make online polling easier, even for those with few technical skills

WebSurveyor 4.0 offers easy entry of surveys

Product review: If price is a motivating factor for an online Web survey solution, then perhaps WebSurveyor 4 is just what you seek.

Remote control done right

Product review: NetOp Remote Control Version 7.5 would help increase help-desk effectiveness and reduce costs

Teleform 8.0 simplifies your paper problem

Product review: New features, better integration help users convert data into digital forms


OmniForm 5.0: Forms done well

Departments looking to convert paper-based forms to digital formats would do well to consider OmniForm Premium 5.0

To protect and serve

Product review: Web content management software protects servers against hackers

Revize simplifies managing content

Review: Software separates content editing from design process

Content management, Java-style

FatWire's UpdateEngine6 makes quick work of Web management

Networking with no strings attached

Wireless local-area networks are a great option, but plan ahead

Wireless well done

Users looking for a reliable and easily managed wireless LAN solution would do well to consider the Aironet 350 products from Cisco Systems

Wireless on a shoestring budget

If your department is in the market for a low-cost yet fairly functional wireless LAN solution, then D-Link Systems may have just what you're looking for

MetaFrame XP an administrator's dream

Citrix MetaFrame XP makes it a snap to deliver Windows applications to virtually any device, over any kind of network connection


A documented success

HP Document Router simplifies management and delivery

Making the most of a golden opportunity

Data mining is rich with potential, but not a simple tool

Project management on the fly

Anyone who's had the pleasure of managing a project, be it small or large, knows how difficult the process can be.

Pendragon shows good Forms

Handheld computers have been perennial underachievers for federal departments and agencies interested in mobile data collection.