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Timothy Sprehe


Sprehe: E-mail records problems

White House officials didn’t save their e-mail messages, but neither do officials at most agencies.


Sprehe: Missing the point

Information management suffers when agencies focus too obsessively on risk management.


Sprehe: Embracing data

New Air Force information management policy is a step toward preserving institutional memory.


Sprehe: Why people matter

Three current developments could make it more difficult to manage federal IT systems.


Sprehe: Saving vs. managing e-mail

The test of a good e-mail archiving system is how efficiently and accurately it retrieves information.


Sprehe: NARA profile reflects bad focus

The architecture document gives more attention to the risks than the benefits of records management.

Sprehe: A puzzling executive order

The Bush administration makes it harder to get information from the government

Sprehe: Wishing NARA well

It will take a lot of effort for the Electronic Records Archives to succeed

Sprehe: FBI gets it right

Bureau requires systems to be certified as complying with existing standard.

Sprehe: Promises not yet fulfilled

Clinger-Cohen has been a major step forward in government management.


Sprehe: OMB's policy needs help

The pablum of a Web site policy was yesterday's news several years ago.


Sprehe: Finding a balance

Is productivity a casualty of building security practices?


An off-track report

The Electronic Records Policy Working Group's recent report is muddled and flawed, columnist Timothy Sprehe says.


Sprehe: Pop-up policies

Columnist Tim Sprehe says e-records management should minimize end-user involvement.


Sprehe: Politicizing the Archives

Has President Bush made NARA a political football?

Sprehe: The e-GPO

It is an interesting concept -- a printing agency where documents are never printed.

Storing e-stuff

We all have an important stake in the Electronic Records Archive program.

Homeless e-records

If federal records are born electronic, where do they grow up and live? Hopefully not in an orphanage.


Comment: Practice makes perfect

NARA has virtually no practical knowledge of handing e-records, writes an FCW columnist

Printing detente

Commentary: The battle over government printing has reached an amicable resolution