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Tom Marshall

Diskeeper's defrag saves time

Executive Software International's Diskeeper 6.0 offers nobrainer scheduling and low demands on Windows resources

FrameMaker's XML capabilities

I took one of the structured documents created in FrameMaker and outputted it to XML in each of two ways.

PerfectDisk 2000 covers the bases

New disk defragmenter handles range of Windows systems

Act! 2000 helps you stay in touch

Flexible set up but limited administration tools define this contact management software's appeal

Uni-Form 2.1: Not created equal

UniForm 2.1 from Microsystems Technology Inc. doesn't have the high profile of the likes of JetForm Corp.'s FormFlow, but this product definitely is a contender in the hot government market for electronic forms.

A new form of security

Ongoing privacy concerns and the desire to conduct legal business over the World Wide Web has many agencies clamoring for the integration of electronic forms and publickey infrastructure, a technology that encrypts data during transmission and assures the authenticity of a user's identity.

A defrag in time saves nine: Two NT disk optimizers

Ever notice how much more sprightly your computers are after you've reformatted the drive and reinstalled software? That's because the file fragmentation that occurs when you open, change and resave data files eventually slows the system down. And that effect can be especially noticeable on heavily used data and application servers.

Principia's Web Survey competent for basic tasks

The move toward cutting paperwork in government and the capacity of the Internet to produce a wealth of statistical and market data may seem to be at odds. They converge, however, in the arena of online surveys and forms. Here, eliminating the paper in the process not only saves labor and trees but

OmniForm 4.0: Looking good but could be better

In the government's ongoing effort to reduce the amount of paperwork that its employees and the general public must complete, one of the most effective weapons in its arsenal may be Caere Corp.'s OmniForm 4.0 electronic forms tool. Built around the optical character recognition (OCR) engine found i

Flat-panel displays: Sleek CRT alternatives

Flatpanel displays. The words conjure up images of those futuristic EtchASketchlooking slates you see on portable computers and hospital TV shows. Actually, the term flat panel rarely refers to notebook displays, which are necessarily flat. Rather, it designates the PC displays that have emerge

Two methods to manage e-mail madness

With more offices and homes getting on the Internet, a rapidly increasing share of the country's business commercial and governmental is carried out electronically. The ensuing flood of email messages and World Wide Web forms can create a tidal wave at the receiving end. Two products steppin

FormFlow 99 streamlines form management

Paper is out. Electronic forms are in. Thanks to a convergence of technologies as well as cost concerns, agencies are converting forms from paper to pixels. And as they move to electronic forms, agencies more often are streamlining procurement and other business processes by connecting applications

Software enables easy Web surveys

Information is power. And while e-mail and the World Wide Web have made it possible to distribute information around the globe faster than ever, a new type of software is turning the Internet into a channel for collecting information. Computer-based survey applications have been available for a lon