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Trudy Walsh

Trudy Walsh is a senior writer for GCN.

RIM unveils touch-screen Torch

RIM unveils the BlackBerry Torch, a smart phone that combines a BlackBerry keyboard and a touch screen.

The summer of my Droid

A six-month stint with a Verizon Wireless Droid by Motorola eased daily tasks for writer Trudy Walsh.

Can BlackBerry's rumored tablet unseat iPad?

The rumor mill is working overtime with stories of a Flash-friendly BlackBerry tablet from Research in Motion

Spy case shines light on steganography

Russian spies used ancient and modern means of secret message transmission takes the 'Mumsy' test

GCN writer Trudy Walsh's 90-year-old mom weighs in on the usefulness of the newly redesigned

Happy birthday, Mr.

On its first anniversary, debuts a redesign that makes the 250,000 government data sets easier to use.

How to zip your laptop through TSA airport security

GCN Lab's Trudy Walsh usually checks her 10-pound laptop in her luggage when she flies. How has your laptop fared going through airport security?

University of Maryland honors faculty members elected to National Academies

The University of Maryland held a reception for faculty members who recently were elected to the National Academies of Science and Engineering.


Federal 100: John Edgar



Federal 100: Rob Vietmeyer



Federal 100: Judith Spencer


DHS to enlist cell phones for early-warning chemical detection

The Homeland Security Department is working on developing a cell phone with an artificial nose that can detect and warn of chemical attacks.

There's no panic like snow panic

Trudy Walsh blogs about Washington's penchant for panicking at the sight of snow—but concedes that the panic may be appropriate for the blizzard of 2010.

White House launches iPhone app

The White House has joined in the application frenzy with a free download for the iPhone and iPod Touch.