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Vic Powell

Feedback should fuel site changes's Dot-Gov Thursday feature says: Heed users' comments for better Web site, less e-mail

Scrub your Web pages's Dot-Gov Thursday feature points out that some information that once was a customer service can today be seen as a security risk

Web design comments that click

FCW's DotGov Thursday column shares advice the USDA Web redesign team received from users

Design with audience in mind

FCW's DotGov Thursday column reminds agencies that a simple home page design can address both accessibility and speed issues


Accessibility drives new-look Web sites

FCW's Dot-Gov Thursday column points out that accessibility is teaching Web personnel to review the value of everything on a site

How to handle sites' teen years

FCW's Dot-Gov Thursday column urges agencies to make an inventory of their Web sites


NARA's new view on Web snapshots

FCW's DotGov Thursday column relays a timesaver for agency Web personnel fulfilling the call for site snapshots

Prep the new boss for Web site evolution

FCW's Dot-Gov Thursday column provides federal Web workers advice on informing their new bosses about an agency's Web site

A resolution for Webmasters to follow

FCW's DotGov Thursday column reminds Webmasters that one of the best things they can do is provide a publicuse site structured for 640 by 480 pixels.

Webmaster cites Web site disclaimer

FCW's DotGov Thursday column presents a disclaimer that agency Webmasters could use on federal sites


Get the word out on tunes, privacy, training

FCW's DotGov Thursday column takes on bandwidth hogs, privacy policies and trends in online training

Check cookies, help FirstGov, get a life

In FCW's DotGov Thursday column, the USDA's Vic Powell offers advice to fellow Webmasters on three key topics

Hackers' manners and methods

FCW's Dot-Gov Thursday column criticizes the immature stunts of 'kiddy hackers' who block the information highway


Online education, the Next Big Thing

FCW's DotGov Thursday column explains why ongoing, online adult education will be necessary as technologies continue to accelerate and converge


"Today is Tuesday," clean up your sites

FCW's DotGov Thursday column

How to make sure Web visitors get the right message

The range of responsibilities falling to Webmasters becomes wider each year, and the rapid expansion of technical matters means that they must race just to stay informed of new developments.