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Victoria White

Tackling Wildlife Licensing in North Carolina

It was an oftrepeated scene: A North Carolina wildlife department officer would ask for someone's fishing or hunting license, and the answer would be, 'Well, I have one, but I just forgot to bring it with me. Can't you check in Raleigh?' At that point, the officer would be forced to issue a citati

UCLA Web Site Isolates the Roots of Urban Decay

In its final stages, urban blight is easy to spot.

Florida County Looks Ahead at One-Stop Information Shopping

The citizens of Pinellas County Fla. are ravenous for government information. Last year they dialed into 'Rlink' the county's mainframebased online information service 7 million times searching for information

Kentucky Child Welfare Gets a Twist

Just a few years ago Kentucky's child welfare system was mired in paper. Program data was stored in voluminous folders finding the right file often depended on a case worker's longtime personal knowledge of the community.

Grading Educational Information Technology

Students at California's East Bakersfield High School run a computerized business office as part of a schooltowork program that educators say has improved graduation and job placement rates.

Installing an Electronic Town Crier

As a child missing in your community? A criminal suspect on the run? Neighborhood meeting coming up?


Training the IT Work Force From the Ground Up

Faster, flatter, friendlier.' That's how Mobile Ala. Mayor Michael Dow sees the city's government in the 21st century.

Seeding K-12 Technology

Seeding K12 Technology