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Wade-Hahn Chan


Do’s and don’ts of Web video

Be a small-screen movie maker at your agency with a few tips.


Gearing up for the shoot

An agency's guide for creating quality Web videos in our Web 2.0 world.


Feds set sights on small screen

Experts say diving into Web video isn’t as expensive or difficult as might be expected.


USPTO encouraged by peer patent review

A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office official cites the initial success of a pilot program.


Smart policies protect agencies

Good training teaches employees to spot, and not take, the bait from phishing scammers.


Senate nixes emergency census funding

The Senate has eliminated $210 million in emergency supplemental funding that Commerce Department officials say they need to offset the 2010 census’ rising costs.


EPA taking baby steps with Web 2.0

Environmental Protection Agency officials said that although Web applications offer new ways to work with environmental information, the agency must adopt new programs slowly to gauge their benefits.


An IT strategy for the transition

A consultant’s advice for preserving IT projects during the transition to a new administration misses the point, one agency leader said.


New administration? Hide your IT projects

An expert advises that to avoid getting information technology programs killed, career feds should omit any mention of them when they brief their new, political appointee bosses.


IG concerned about Census' address collection

The Commerce Department's Inspector general said the Census Bureau must improve its maps and address database for the 2010 census.


EPA seeks info-sharing ideas

EPA launched a temporary blog to collect best practices on information sharing from the public.


Census management improves, but budget questions linger

Harris said the company will submit a final cost proposal for the field data collection automation program of 2010 census on July 15.


Lawmakers want to know census' cost

House members are waiting for the final cost of the data collection portion of the 2010 census.


EPA uses blog to seek ideas on info sharing

The Environmental Protection Agency will keep the Partner Blog for the National Dialogue open from June 9-13, releasing a summary of the results June 20.


DOD reassures users about privacy

The Defense Department revises the language of its login banner to reassure users their communications are private.

Google to roost near NASA Ames

The technology giant will build a research and development center to support the space agency's science and information technology research.


Search engine increases employees' access

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory is speeding its day-to-day processes by using Web-based collaborative applications.w


Intelligence community seeks to go virtual

Intelligence officials will conduct an exercise to familiarize their community with online virtual spaces.


NASA blogger suspended for Hatch Act violation

The Office of the Special Counsel found that a Johnson Space Center employee violated the Hatch Act by writing politically oriented e-mail messages and blog postings at work.

NASA: Developers should pay for online game

The space agency wants to create a massive multiplayer online game but expects game developers to cover the cost.