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Warren Suss


Suss: Building a better GSA

More controls and greater efficiency won’t get the agency where it needs to go.

Rethinking federal networks

Commentary: Government agencies need to review decisions about what they own and what they buy as a service

Rethinking federal networks


IT Modernization

How to make FTS 2001 work

What will it take to convince agencies to begin to transition to FTS 2001?

IT Modernization

A war over FTS 2001

Officials recently estimated that the government could save $300 million annually if it can complete the governmentwide FTS 2001 transition by the end of the year. Transition delays threaten those savings.

Three hot technologies for the millennium

What are the most important new technologies for federal agencies? After more than a year of intensive research and analysis, the General Services Administration's Federal Technology Service has come up with three answers: 1. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and services. These powerful s

Feds should give outsourcing and privatization a real chance

A largescale outsourcing and privatization (O&P) effort set to begin at the Defense Department could result in the most dramatic change in the federal marketplace in decades. Skepticism abounds, but if government creates the right conditions, the DOD effort could mark the first successful O&P effo

Federal telecom game: Players, rules in constant motion

Things change quickly in the federal telecommunications marketplace. The players the rules the entire game have transformed into a new sport. Those who master the new competitive environment will be tomorrow's winners. In today's federal telecommunications market even the most entrenched incumb