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William Matthews


Designing Web pages for accessibility

'Make it easier for people to do the right thing and you will increase the probability that they will'


FBI struggles with data management

Sniper investigation underscored tech, workforce problems

Horn: Feds still fail security

Horn's third 'report card' finds little improvement

Customs Service preps ACE

New automated trade monitoring system will debut in February with 40 shipping companies


Privacy czar plays homeland role

Homeland Security Department privacy officer will have a tough time offsetting risk to personal privacy, observers say

Security flunks Horn's final exam

Overall, agencies earned an 'F' on Rep. Horn's latest report card on government security

Bill's secrecy provisions stick

Efforts by Senate Democrats to strip objectionable secrecy provisions from the homeland security bill apparently failed


House passes compromise e-gov bill

Legislation would create a federal Office of Electronic Government and a fund to promote e-government projects


E-Gov Act on its way to president

Senate swiftly follows House in passing the Electronic Government Act of 2002


Homeland work on fast track

Transition team ready to deliver basic tech services


FBI data management a tough case

Converting data to electronic form is only a start toward solving the FBI's records problems


Immigration status a click away

Case Status Online offers a more convenient way for applicants to check the status of their cases


House OKs homeland bill

The homeland security bill relies heavily on technology to safeguard the nation


More sites targeted for shutdown

After eliminating PubScience, commercial publishers aim at other government-funded services


Northrop's homeland value on rise

INS contract adds to agencies Northrop serves that will be part of the Homeland Security Department

GAO: Agencies share data despite laws

Technology is making it easier for government agencies to share information, so they are ? including details about your bank accounts, medical complaints and family lives


'Sensitive' classification still a sensitive issue

Presidents from three government science academies have urged the Bush administration not to declare information 'sensitive but unclassified' to withhold it from the public


Touch and see

NIST device lets visually impaired users 'feel' computer pictures and graphics

Database lets police share crime info

Mix of federal, state, local crime data provides 'quantum leap in crime fighting'

FBI asks companies to fight cybercrime

FBI Director Robert Mueller called for more help from companies to battle cybercrime