Earned Value Management: How Agencies Are Cracking the Code to “Do More with Less”

In June, the Office of Management & Budget launched its ‘’Campaign to Cut Waste’’ at the White House Forum on Accountability in Federal Contracting. Issued in response to rising scrutiny over federal spending and program redundancy, the campaign presses federal agencies to cut back spending on management support service contracts by 15 percent by the end of FY 2012 – for a total reduction of $6 billion.

OMB’s message to agencies is straight forward, “do more with less”. Rather than limiting resources, agencies are encouraged to manage acquisition and programs in a more cost-effective manner. This leaves government IT and program management professionals with the complex task of identifying and addressing underperforming contracts, smarter purchasing & management strategies and developing new skills among the federal workforce.

More so than ever before, government IT professionals are turning to earned value management (EVM) methodologies to manage the progress of their major IT investments. In this webcast, an expert from a civilian government agency will share how the implementation of EVM solutions effectively manages program costs, schedules and execution—and spots and responds to potential problems before they spiral out of control.

Featured Speaker:
LaTonya Miller; Assistant Director, Acquisition and Sourcing Management, U.S. Government Accountability Office