Research Webcast on Big Data: From Hype to Reality

Many government agencies have already commenced Big Data initiatives and have discovered that their decision-making is now faster and more fact-based, citizen-facing services are delivered more efficiently, and security risks are more detectable. These agency decision-makers have found that the insights gleaned from Big Data projects are a vital cog in how these agencies fulfill their missions.

In addition to these benefits, Big Data initiatives bring with them their own challenges. Skill sets of agency workers tasked with managing and analyzing petabytes of data in real time need to grow. Analytical tools designed for smaller data sets need to be upgraded and agency IT infrastructures – networking, storage and processing – need to be far more flexible and agile.

Join us for this exclusive Research Webcast for an in-depth look on Big Data and the issues that will be at the top of government IT agendas. Attendees will learn about:

  • The foundations of Big Data – data volume, variety and complexity
  • The job skills that are and will be in demand to manage Big Data projects
  • How IT infrastructures can adapt to the requirements of Big Data initiatives
  • Big Data analytic tools – what methodologies are now used, and what will be in demand in the near future