Leveraging Cloud and Analytics Tools to Maximize Case Outcomes and Cost Savings

Announced April 27th, 2011, President Obama’s Executive Order to streamline service delivery and improve customer service reflects a government-wide priority to better serve private citizens, uniformed service members and federal employees. Advances in technology and communication in the private sector set a high standard for government agencies to attain. Although the EO encourages agencies to implement private sector technologies and best practices to keep up with demand, department silos, antiquated case management systems and processes, shrinking budgets and mounting compliance requirements present significant hurdles.

This webcast will explore how government professionals are rising to the challenge by implementing cloud-based case management systems to improve operational efficiency, case outcomes and cost savings. A government expert will share real-world examples of how agencies are leveraging cloud and analytics tools to improve customer service and engagement, detect fraud and abuse, identify funding gaps and reduce administration costs, potentially saving millions in revenue.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Save time in workflow execution, while staying flexible
  • Automate and standardize forms and processes to improve accuracy and speed claim completion
  • Leverage analytics tools to derive deep insight from the artifacts related to a case—including structured and unstructured information
  • Facilitate inter- and cross-agency information sharing