The Latest Advances in Business Process & Operational Decision Management for Government

The consumerization of IT has brought its challenges for organizations, but it’s also produced welcome product innovations for non-technical users and their IT colleagues; and ultimately the citizens on the receiving end of agency processes, applications and transactions.

Business Process and Operational Decision Management (ODM) platforms have evolved to address the key challenges facing governmental agencies; one of those being the increasing demands of non-technical users for more social and simple on-the-job tools. These new agile platforms build quickly, engage users with interfaces as familiar as their favorite social media, include governance and provide collaborative solutions with high levels of reuse.

See how the latest in collaborative BPM and ODM capabilities can modernize your application and solution development, make users more productive, reduce the load on IT, and provide greater visibility into operations.

    Key topics covered:
  • Justification for Collaborative BPM and ODM
  • Three government agency use cases