Rethinking Federal Data Center Consolidation: Achieve Your Goals without Sacrificing Security or Performance

Security and application performance degradation continue to be top concerns for Federal agencies that are implementing or considering data center or server consolidation. After all, many IT departments have spent years building multiple data centers for the very purpose of improving security and the delivery of applications to users. While the promise of lower costs and higher efficiencies are appealing, IT is rightfully cautious about the risks of managing enormous volumes of network traffic flowing into a centralized, virtualized infrastructure.

Join us for an informative discussion on strategies that will allow you to achieve the benefits of consolidation while addressing key concerns, including:

  • Ensuring peak application performance and availability by introducing an application-aware firewall strategy that can combat modern DDoS attacks
  • Consolidating existing authentication and authorization services at the security perimeter to increase scalability and availability
  • Offloading computationally intensive SSL to enhance security and improve performance
  • Gaining better visibility into potential problems at the edge of your network
  • Protecting against application-based attacks with a faster, more dynamic defense strategy

Featured Speaker:
Thomas Walker, Field Systems Engineer, F5