Shared system access with Identity Federation

Identity federation provides a secure foundation for your organization to collaborate with others, leveraging resources and expertise to help better meet your mission and objectives. Managing federated identities has technological and organizational benefits. For example, several groups can share a single application which would result in a consolidation of resources and significant cost savings. To achieve these benefits, formal trust mechanisms among participants with different IT systems have to be implemented, along with agreement on who is to be granted access to which specific systems, applications, services, and information.

Join Quest for an hour long webcast to explore all aspects of Identity Federation including:

  • How federation can improve service delivery and enhance collaboration
  • Ways to establish authentication and support different platforms and protocols
  • Special concerns organizations need to consider when implementing new identity controls
  • Strategies to help agencies develop a custom identity management plan

Featured Speakers:
Brad Bussie; Solutions Architect - Identity and Access Management
Phillip Soloweszyk; Public Sector CTO