The Building Blocks of Cloud Computing: How to Boost the Efficiency, Availability and ROI of the Enterprise through Virtualization

Less than five years ago, cloud computing for the federal government was a largely misunderstood technology. Since then, the benefits of cloud computing have become clear. Agencies understand the importance and benefits of virtualization and continue to drive adoption with varying priorities. A number of agencies have made high-profile migrations to cloud platforms following the Obama administration’s mandates laid out in the 25-point IT reform plans. Whether agencies choose to go with a private, public or hybrid cloud model, the result is greater efficiency, availability and ROI across the organization.

But migrating to the cloud can come with several hiccups along the way. Even the most successful cloud migration leaders pointed to the importance of planning before and during the transition.

Building a cloud infrastructure requires more preparation, an understanding of how a system is going to integrate (and with whom), as well as a clear vision for how the entire system will fuse together with existing platforms in place. It can be a daunting task that requires a new mindset focused on IT transformation.

In this webcast, hear from Anil Karmel, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) as he addresses how to create a cloud computing environment that is secure and agile. As a federal IT leader who has been a pioneer in cloud computing, Karmel will share best practices and lessons learned. Participants will get an inside glimpse on how to effectively transition to the cloud, while also addressing the security concerns along the way.

Participants will learn:

  • How virtualization can increase efficiency, availability and ROI in their organizations, and serve as the foundation of their cloud infrastructure
  • What to plan for when migrating to the cloud – the hidden potholes along the way
  • How to avoid derailing cloud adoption early in the planning stages

Featured Presenter:
Mr. Anil Karmel, Management & Operations CTO, National Nuclear Security Administration

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