Business Continuity: The Case for Cloud

In October 2012 the “frankenstorm” known as Hurricane Sandy collided with the East Coast and caused billions of dollars in damage. Internet service infrastructures were knocked down, power supplies were lost, and communication channels collapsed. The cost to rebuild the East Coast and extent of long-term damage associated with the storm has forced many IT professionals to rethink cloud computing.

Traditional disaster recovery methods call for re-creating the full IT environment at a separate off-site facility to keep agencies safe from unplanned outages. This can be a costly expense, particularly in times of tight IT budgets. As many experts see it, the cloud is ready-made for continuity of operation planning, providing a flexible approach to setting up and expanding an IT environment on demand.

This webcast will explore how federal agencies understand how to make the cloud part of their business continuity plans. Experts will explore what resources you need to consider, what standards should be in place and how to fully capitalize on faster recovery times by trusting the cloud.

Participants will discover:

  • What should you consider before trusting the cloud for disaster recovery
  • How to decide on the right cloud model – public, private or a hybrid of the two
  • How to evaluate data that agencies send to the cloud and the security measures needed

Featured Presenter:
Captain Shawn Hendricks, Program Manager, Naval Enterprise Networks