A Closer Look at How FEDRAMP Certification Assures Cloud Security

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FEDRAMP) launched in June of 2012 and is expected to ramp up efforts to become fully and sustainably operational by 2014. Its mission is to establish a uniform process for assessing the security of cloud products and services, thereby boosting federal agency’s confidence in the technology.

Federal data consolidation efforts and cloud adoption in government, hinge upon establishing a standardized approach for determining the security of cloud-based services. Yet, federal policy and regulation continues to lag behind industry and technology innovations and adoptions of next-generation IT such as cloud computing.

Many are still unclear about the benefits of FedRAMP for establishing baseline security controls in driving their migration to the cloud. This webcast takes a closer look at FedRAMP’s security controls and process. A FedRAMP expert will lead a dynamic discussion about the FedRAMP program as well as what the security standards really mean to agencies cloud investment.

Participants will experience:

  • An indepth look at FedRAMP and the baseline set of agreed upon standards for consistent security authorizations to be used for Cloud product approval
  • How FedRAMP will assess security authorization documentation and materials available to successfully prepare for review
  • How the FedRAMP security authorization process aligns with the NIST 800-37 risk management framework

Featured Speaker:

Dave McClure, Associate Administrator, Citizen Services and Innovative Technology, General Services Administration