Exclusive Research Webcast: Methods and Insights into Managing Mobile Securely

Mobile devices like smart phones and tablets are increasingly vital to the job success of Federal agency employees. Mobile utilization grows apace, whether as a result of agency-issued device use or “BYOD” programs, as does the number of ways these devices are used, from email and phone today to access to data-intensive enterprise applications tomorrow.

Federal IT and business decision-makers worry about threats to their information security infrastructures that often accompany mobile device use. Concerns abound about data loss or leakage, exposure of sensitive government systems, financial loss, and other issues. At the same time, many Federal employees complain that inelegant or poorly implemented mobile security solutions hamper their work.

Join us as we reveal the findings of this recent exclusive research report on mobile security and address the question, “How can Federal agencies properly architect a secure mobile environment that protects both users and the agency network?“

This exclusive research webcast will provide valuable insights into:

  • The growing and substantial importance of mobile device use in Federal agencies
  • Methods for securely managing mobile device use, including “BYOD” programs
  • IT governance mandates related to mobile device security
  • Pros and cons of security solutions currently deployed by Federal agencies
  • Critical elements of a comprehensive and secure mobile environment