Going Mobile: Ingredients for a Successful Mobility Strategy

The need to improve operational performance and deliver better citizen service is universal across government. To meet this need, federal agencies are embracing mobile tools and solutions that fundamentally change how they operate and interact with citizens. Federal technology leaders agree that ‘going mobile’ improves agency collaboration, communication and productivity—all while saving money. However, agencies are challenged to develop mobile strategies that keep pace with advancements in technology and support user needs across the organization securely and efficiently.

So, how do government technology leaders and IT professionals respond? In this Webinar, NRC CIO Darren Ash will share how the NRC crafted a forward looking mobile strategy that supports individual function areas while furthering the agency’s long-term vision. In addition, the webinar will explore best practices and lessons-learned implementing specific initiatives such as BYOD and telework policies agency-wide.

Participants will learn about:

  • Policy considerations for a sound mobile strategy
  • How to keep mobility at the forefront of IT modernization and new system design
  • How to understand and support user needs across the organization
  • How pilot programs help ensure long-term flexibility and scalability