Defending Data ... New Insights on Winning the Cyber War

A recent, groundbreaking Ponemon Institute study focused on cyber defense revealed some alarming findings including …

As cyber attacks are getting worse, only 20 percent of study respondents say their organizations are more effective at stopping them.

Not only are cyber threats on the rise, they are becoming more sophisticated every day. Both public and private sector networks face escalating threats and security breaches. Big Data Analytics is becoming more necessary for analyzing massive amounts of digital data to enable predictive and real-time intelligence that recognize, respond and mitigate cyber threats.

You can learn more about the role of big data in cyber security in this webinar that provides new insight based on discoveries from just-released research on Big Data Analytics and Cyber Defense from the Ponemon Institute & Teradata. Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder of the Ponemon institute and Sam Harris, Director of Cyber Security and Enterprise Risk Management for Teradata will share results from the study and discuss how to take enterprise-wide security to the next level leveraging big data analytics.

Register to learn:

  • How ready are we to defend our network and enterprise data from cyber attacks?
  • Which cyber security risks loom the largest?
  • What role do big data analytics play in predicting and defending against today’s sophisticated cyber threats

Featured Speaker:
Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute