Insights Revealed: Benefits and Best Practices for Effective Collaboration

The need to boost collaboration in organizations large and small throughout the public sector is now in fashion – but there are strong and solid reasons for this heightened enthusiasm. Numerous government agencies are getting serious about collaboration because each sees opportunities to improve enterprise-wide information sharing and productivity, support real-time communications during crises, or reduce the money spent on large in-person meetings or conferences. These and other benefits are leading these agencies to deepen their investment in myriad tools and technologies to make collaboration more a part of their organizational culture.

But as skepticism toward collaboration yields to enlarged interest, questions naturally arise. Which online tools and techniques are most effective in enhancing greater collaboration? What are the necessary managerial and cultural changes that are also needed to bring to fruition the benefits that collaboration promises to deliver?

Join this exclusive Webcast for an in-depth look at these issues that are at the top of government IT agendas.

    Attendees will learn about:
  • The drivers which underlie increasing collaboration
  • The role of video and other innovative technologies in fostering more real time collaboration
  • The organizational challenges which collaboration uncovers – and how to surmount these challenges
  • Online collaboration tools – what’s now in use, and what will be in demand in the near future