Empowering the Mobile Workforce: Best Practices and New Solutions

A federal mobile workforce can only be as effective as the tools which they are given to do their jobs. To meet their ever-evolving needs, agencies are embracing mobile tools and solutions that fundamentally change how their employees operate, wherever their work takes them. The same technologies also are providing previously unseen levels of flexibility and efficiency in continuity of operations planning (COOP).

The latest generation of mobile workforce tools includes:

  • Enhanced Push-to-Talk Technologies including LMR Interoperability, WiFi capabilities and iOS access.
  • Mobile dispatch tools.
  • COOP and Safety Location Services
  • Mobile Form Applications

In this webcast, we will share how these tools can help your agency optimize your business processes and create a mobile strategy that supports individual function areas while furthering the agency’s long-term vision. In addition, the webcast will explore best practices and lessons-learned implementing specific solutions agency-wide.