Empowering Federal Employees to Work the Way they Live

At home, your employees use a range of devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. They access applications on the web and create and share information with those they want easily, without worrying about storage limits or how to send a large file. At the office, the tools at your people’s disposal are often more restrictive, making it harder for them to get their work done.

A growing number of Federal agencies have adopted new technologies to empower employees to be more productive and work the way they live, while also reducing the costs and resources needed to maintain their internal systems. It’s a true win-win. Join this informative webinar to hear about the changing face of workplace productivity tools for Federal employees.

Register to learn:

  1. How modern email and collaboration tools from Google can make your employees more productive
  2. What are the best practices from other agencies that have already made the switch
  3. How Unisys can help your agency make a rapid switch to Google Apps for Government

Featured Speakers:
David Mihalchik, head of Google Apps for Government, Google
Steve Kousen, VP for Cloud E-Mail and Collaboration Services, Unisys