Big Data: How to Take it to the Next Level

Across the federal government, agencies are beginning to leverage analytic tools and methodologies of Big Data to provide new insights into all aspects of their missions and operations. Yet, many agencies are discovering that they are just scratching the surface of Big Data’s capabilities and additional research and development is needed to fully realize its benefits.

In this webcast, Dr. Mark Luker, Associate Director, NITRD/NCO will present an overview of how the NITRD is working to address emerging challenges of R&D for Big Data. Further, Dr. Luker will reveal how several agencies are currently leveraging Big Data to improve their citizen service and advance their overarching missions.

Participants will learn:

  • How the NITRD program is working with 20 federal agencies to address the emerging challenges of R&D for Big Data
  • How agencies can realize the full benefits of Big Data when it institutes policies and procedures that make Big Data an integral part of its operations
  • About the new requirements for open access to the data resulting from Federally funded research, and how this may broaden opportunities for Big Data research in the future