Best Practices for Network and Storage Efficiency

IT executives throughout the public sector are eager to enhance how agency data is captured, processed, analyzed and stored. 

Faced with skyrocketing demand from government workers, the military and citizens, decision-makers are pondering how best to build out their networking and storage infrastructures to improve application performance and responsiveness while at the same time reduce costs. There’s no question it’s a daunting challenge to construct a persuasive business case for such investment at a time of budgetary stringency. But many agencies can and have done so. 

How can agency technologists convince skeptical senior managers that now is the time to invest in next generation network and storage solutions?  And which up-and-coming technologies attract the most attention?   

Join this exclusive Webcast for an in-depth look at these issues that continue to be at the top of public sector IT agendas to learn:

  • What's driving the need to upgrade agency networks and storage assets.
  • How to optimize agency networks for cloud computing.
  • How Big Data is fomenting fundamental changes in data storage.
  • How storage management can be simplified.
  • What agency managers are looking for in next generation networking and storage management tools and technologies.

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