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Data-Driven Decisions Streamline Agency Operations: Asset

As agencies continue to gather more data, deriving the maximum amount of value and intelligence from the data becomes even more critical. Properly applying data analytics can help present the right data in the right format. Structured and unstructured data, operational data, financial results, and other data can be mined to unlock insights that help drive improved decisions and understanding. This report helps illuminate the tactics agency leaders can take to glean more value form their data stores.

Content Management Key to Solving a Data Deluge: Whitepaper

In a recent survey, we asked agencies about how they are currently managing their data, their views on modernization efforts and what plans they have to establish true digital transformation. In this market insights report, we breakdown the key take-a-ways from our survey findings.

AI, Analytics and the Future of Your Enterprise: Asset

Data is the new currency. Are you capitalizing on the full potential of data analytics? In our big data primer, you’ll learn how to overcome three key challenges facing organizations today: Managing overwhelming amounts of data; Leveraging new, complex tools and technologies; Developing the necessary skills and infrastructure. The future belongs to organizations that leverage their data most effectively, so don't wait.