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Boost Cybersecurity with Identity as a Service: Whitepaper

Agencies are starting to realize that identity and access management (IAM) is critical to the success of digital initiatives. In this enterprise outlook, we explore how to develop a strong IAM through cloud-based models and multi-factor authentication.

Millennials Compound Cybersecurity Concerns: Whitepaper

Even as a more technologically savvy workforce is emerging at a time of digital innovation, the potential still exists for new and increased insider threats. Because of this cultural shift, government agencies are starting to adapt their views on security, and implementing new processes and solutions for mitigating evolving threats. Download this digital dialogue to learn more highlights from our recent cybersecurity webcast series.

The New Security Landscape: Identity-Driven Security: Special Report

The traditional concept of security has changed dramatically and continues to change. Between the dissolving network perimeter, mobile devices, and running workloads on the cloud, the challenge of ensuring a consistent security posture requires a new approach. The focus has shifted to continuous monitoring of all network endpoints wherever they may exist and ensuring data protection by enforcing more thorough and consistent identity policies. Agencies must ensure people logging on to their network are truly who they claim to be. This Enterprise Outlook report “Identity-Driven Security” will help inform your choices and strategies as you navigate this changing security landscape.