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Accelerating Government Intelligence and Analytics with Adobe Insight: Asset

Never before has data collection and analysis needed to be performed as quickly as today. This paper examines analytic technology that enables intelligence analysts to glean valuable information from vast volumes data.

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The Next Generation of Tactical Data Centers: Asset

Battlefield information dominance and operational agility are necessities when the Defense Department sends warfighters into the field. Information is an essential weapon and the soldiers need lightweight and rugged infrastructure to support their mission-critical applications in theater. Download this informative report to learn what new solution is changing the game and see how it can work for you.

Issue Brief: Prioritizing Content Management Modernization: Asset

As technology continues to evolve, government agencies are having to confront the inadequacies of their legacy systems. However, the majority of the federal IT budget is dedicated to maintaining legacy IT investments. Read this issue brief and better understand how government can effectively update their legacy systems in the face of budget constraints.

White Paper: Advancing the Digital Flow of Government Business: Asset

As a government IT leader, you have spent a lot of money on systems to manage millions of documents within your organization. Yet, at a time when the FITARA act1 asks you for greater accountability, much-needed improvements in information management have not materialized. Your cost of managing and storing an exponentially growing number of paper and electronic records is skyrocketing. You are not alone in this information management dilemma.