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The Benefits of Right Management: Asset

This white paper provides an overview of Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management software and the benefits rights management can bring to businesses in a range of industries.

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Leverage the Power of IoT: Digital Dialogue

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised as a technological game changer. Government agencies are already deploying devices and sensors to gather data, while others are still experimenting with or studying options to leverage the IoT. As with any new technology, these capabilities come with a lot of promise, but also many implementation concerns and challenges. Chief among those concerns are management and security, experts said during the recent webcast, “Taking IT to the Edge: Delivering on the Promise of IoT.” As the new era of computing presents precautions and potential for government agencies, learn how to leverage the power of IoT.

Shared Services and Emerging Technologies Modernize Government: Asset

It’s no secret technology evolves rapidly, and that government agencies can’t keep up. That’s why the concept of shared services—centralizing service provisioning—has made waves among federal agencies. It has evolved over time, from a 20th century model in which agencies looked inward to a 21st-century model based on as-a-service offerings and outsourcing. Learn from the experts to hear how federal agencies are using technology of the future today to meet mission requirements and budgets.

Data-Driven Decisions Streamline Agency Operations: Asset

As agencies continue to gather more data, deriving the maximum amount of value and intelligence from the data becomes even more critical. Properly applying data analytics can help present the right data in the right format. Structured and unstructured data, operational data, financial results, and other data can be mined to unlock insights that help drive improved decisions and understanding. This report helps illuminate the tactics agency leaders can take to glean more value form their data stores.