Defining a Framework For Cloud Adoption

Oct 17, 2012

As interest in cloud computing continues to gain momentum, there is increasing confusion about what cloud computing represents. Without a common, defined vocabulary and a standardized frame of reference, organizations cannot have a cogent discussion about cloud computing. The cloud computing adoption framework addresses this challenge by providinga context for productive discussion and a structure for planning, both short and long-term, for a successful implementation.

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the cloud computing adoption framework from IBM and make it available for use by any organization looking for a standardized frame of reference for cloud computing discussions. The framework can help organizations:

  • Determine the types of services that can be offered througha cloud
  • Identify the service management capabilities required to enable the chosen delivery model and service, such as meter-ing and billing
  • Recognize the challenges—both immediate and long-term—that should be considered prior to cloud implementation,such as those related to integration or governance.