Cyber Attacks on Government: How to Stop the APT Attacks that are Compromising Federal Agencies

Aug 23, 2012

 Learn how to stop the advanced attacks that threaten government agencies across all vectors with a solution that offers real-time, dynamic protection from today’s email and Web-based threats.

This compelling whitepaper explains how federal agencies are successfully identifying—and preventing—zero-day vulnerabilities and multi-stage attacks that traditional defenses aren’t equipped to stop.

Download the whitepaper and discover:

  • Why traditional tools fail to detect APTs and how to respond to the most lethal threats
  • The top five security concerns of federal CIOs and how your organization can protect itself from these threats
  • The distinct stages of a typical attack, and what is needed to combat them
  • How federal agencies are using signature-less, real-time security to meet FISMA compliance mandates for continuous monitoring

Staying protected goes hand-in-hand with staying on top of today’s threat landscape. Download the white paper now for more information on how your agency can safeguard itself against APT attacks.