Solutions Guide: How to Meet Your Agency's Bandwidth Needs

Sep 17, 2012

It’s every CIO’s dilemma: bandwidth requirements ebb and flow throughout the month. There are cer­tain times when network traffic increases and others when it decreases. This means that there are days or even weeks when they are using all of the bandwidth that they have available, however, there may be just as many instances when reduced network demand means there’s excess capacity. That’s money going down the drain!

As part of its desire to be more efficient, one small inde­pendent agency recently sought an Ethernet networking services provider. It was looking for a company that could offer a bandwidth-on-demand solution to meet the needs of its more than 50,000 employees worldwide while also meeting its variable data requirements. The requirements had to be met at or below the agency’s budget. The solution was a Networx task order that was awarded to CenturyLink as the agency’s managed data networking services partner.

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