Ebook: Sink or Swim in Risky Waters! Don't Navigate Risk without Internal Audit

Feb 21, 2013

“Basing audit plans on an annual snapshot of risk is like relying on a security camera that films once a day for five minutes.”
–Richard Chambers President and CEO, The Institute of Internal Auditors

In the wake of the financial crisis, there is increasing pressure on management to gain greater insights into business risks. And, that means more pressure on internal audit departments to provide heightened levels of insight into how well the organization is managing risk.

Working together, management and the internal audit departments are using technology to test, monitor and assess risks and controls in a range of business areas.

We invite you to download this popular eBook which provides an overview of internal audit’s evolving role in providing assurance around risk management. It’s full of tips, case studies and resources for getting started, including:

  • Sample Risk Scorecard
  • Common analytics for identifying risk
  • Risk assessment process at-a-glance
  • 6-step plan for applying analytics to assess controls