Enterprises Seek The Benefits Of Hybrid Cloud, And Work To Overcome The Challenges

Mar 15, 2013

Cloud infrastructure-as-a service (IaaS) adoption has grown over the past five years, and Forrester expects continued momentum for this infrastructure strategy. One type of cloud service architecture, hybrid, combines the use of on-premises cloud infrastructure with cloud service provider infrastructure to create a firm’s overall capacity from the combined capabilities. IT decision-makers report greatest interest in using IaaS in a hybrid cloud approach to complement on premises capacity, rather than replace it, and are planning for the impact that will have on network operations and spending. While a hybrid approach promises cost savings and significant gains in IT and business flexibility, some concerns remain around how to manage and integrate on-premises infrastructure with cloud services in a hybrid cloud architecture.

This Forrester Research technology adoption profile highlights cloud adoption trends as well as the key benefits and challenges that can be expected when adopting hybrid IaaS strategies.