Breaking News: Big Data is Solved!

Apr 08, 2013

Are you tired of hearing about Big Data?

Leaders in business and government have been inundated with information, discussions and different strategies on "How to do it: Big Data." Internal champions and external experts have arisen. Conferences, seminars, forums and advertising have added some percentage to business activity that must show up in our GDP numbers.

Leaders have been challenged to understand how this wave of technical innovation can be brought to bear on their organization’s mission in a way that is cost effective and that adds significant value, without the risk associated with the early adoption of a cutting edge solution that may require much expert manpower; first to deploy, and then to upgrade and maintain successfully. The good news is that solutions can now be delivered to address the data management needs posed by Big Data. Without much risk of contradiction, it can be said that the requirements of absorbing and storing Big Data have been solved by industry to date, by a combination of both the demand-driven commercial-off-the-shelf software manufacturers and by the voluntary software development contributions of participants in the free and open source consortia.

However, business leaders may not have been satisfied that their investments in Big Data have materialized the promise of significant new value and improvement in their mission and business processes. This paper will discuss an architecture that is delivering a high performance analytical environment for Big Data that optimizes resources and leverages sunk-cost investments that may already exist in the enterprise.