Implementing Messaging and Directory Services in Federal Agencies:The Real Cost of Inactivity

Jul 15, 2013

With approximately 80,000 federal employees entering and exiting the workforce each month, provisioning and de-provisiong represents an area with a tremendous potential for cost savings. Tools such as Active Directory increase efficiency and reduce costs by at least 100%, if not more. And by taking advantage of the cloud environment, agencies further streamline operations by consolidating to a central location.

As systems become more integrated and complex, and as cloud computing becomes more ubiquitous, cyber security is a growing concern. In a late 2012 study Market Connections conducted for Lockheed Martin and its Cyber Security Alliance Partners, of which Dell is a member, 85% of agencies cited cyber security as a high priority, and 83% of agencies have one or more cyber security initiatives in place.

Given these two challenges, the latest research from Dell Software and Market Connections set out to determine to what extent agencies are taking advantage of automating their processes.