What the Federal Government is Doing Better Than Businesses

Aug 14, 2013

What could businesses gain by emulating the federal government’s best practices? $Millions more than you may think. This data-rich white paper details how the largest, global organization (the DoD) is setting the standard for significant cost savings and process efficiency.

The Department of Defense (DoD) is a global organization with hundreds of billions of dollars in critical procurements made every day, 24/7/365, from outposts around the world. In fact, when comparing global organizations, public or private, the scope and scale of the DoD makes it far, far larger than any Fortune 500 firm. By any measure, the DoD would be Fortune #1.

Today, because of budgetary and operational pressures to do more without more, the DoD has been challenged as never before to be innovative in its procurement operations—a challenge they’re meeting and exceeding. Across the various services, the DoD, working in partnership with the reverse auction-based, fully-managed online marketplace, FedBid (www.FedBid.com), has produced impressive results.

This data-rich white paper details these results—proving how the DoD is setting the best practice standard for achieving significant cost savings and process efficiency through enhanced competition in acquisition operations. In addition, it shows how large, medium and small businesses—as well as state and local governments and educational institutions—can gain control with this competitive edge.