Transitioning to a new era of human information

Oct 31, 2013

When we consider human information and its dominance in today’s enterprise, it is natural to wonder how we can effectively search and find the information we need. Typically, people search or analyze data using an attribute such as the date a video was taken, who is in a photo, or whether a blog gives a positive view of a product. Since computers have historically used databases to increase search efficiency, finding human information raises a number of new questions regarding how we can organize, process, and search it.

This whitepaper shares how you can now act on virtually all of your information. When you can analyze all types of information at once, you can make decisions while there is still time to change your course. For instance, if you wanted to simultaneously analyze all customers in one zip code who: use an iPhone 4, provided product feedback when they called customer service, and posted a Yelp review in the same month, doing so manually would take so long that the information would lose its value before you could use it. With HP Autonomy, you can perform sophisticated analytics on all types of information at the same time, at a speed that makes information actionable.