Weathering the Storm: How Cloud Management Can Align Competing Federal C-Suite Priorities

Nov 04, 2013

It has often been agreed that IT procurement projects can be duplicative, costly and slow to complete, but new developments are underway that may fundamentally change how IT is managed. At the center of this conversation is a debate about the role of the chief information officer (CIO). Legislation such as the IT Reform Act, introduced in the House of Representatives in March 2013, champions one side of the issue by proposing that agency CIOs become presidential appointees and greatly expands their power over IT budgets. Meanwhile, others maintain that the CIO already has the statutory authority needed for IT reform and question what an expansion of power could mean for the rest of the agency’s leadership.

Despite varying perspectives, one can be sure that a change in the dynamic of the C-suite would create new questions on the way agencies manage their IT investments, especially cloud computing. As agencies move more of their mission critical workloads to the cloud, the alignment of priorities in the C-suite will make for a much smoother transition.