Maximize the Cloud

In order to get the most out of cloud, agencies need a holistic plan that considers not only the technology, but also the cultural, policy, and funding issues associated with this fundamental shift. Read this one-page paper for some quick expert tips on leveraging cloud the right way.

View Data as an Asset

Who owns your data? Download this informative report to hear how the Small Business Administration (SBA) is managing their cloud strategy, along with understanding the importance of data ownership, data management and data governance and how a shift to the cloud can prepare your agency to successfully manage the influx of data.

Cloud Security Evolves

As cloud becomes an integral part of an agency’s enterprise, security becomes even more crucial. Learn how the cloud creates a new dynamic between agencies, users, and vendor partners with regards to their cybersecurity roles and responsibilities, and why there must be transparency in how these roles are carried out.

Give Cloud its Due

Cloud is an integral part of an agency's modernization plan today. As agencies begin to move to modernize systems and consolidate data centers, they are looking to the cloud to improve the flexibility, efficiency, and scalability of their operations - as well as how to sustain cloud in the long term. Download this informative report focused on a recent cloud event to hear how different agencies are saying farewell to their data center, evaluating their cloud options and communicating with their team to successfully transition to the cloud.

Disrupt the Machine-to-Human Fight with a New Defender Lifecycle Model

Traditional security strategies focused on prevention are no longer sufficient to defend against the increasing speed, volume and polymorphic nature of today’s cyber threats. Instead, organizations must embrace a new Defender Lifecycle Model, which shifts control and advantage from the attacker back to the defender by integrating machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and security workflow automation with a foundation of pervasive coverage.

Cyberthreat Intelligence Helps Augment Protection

Download this informative report to learn how better understand your cyberthreat intelligence - such as understanding your infrastructure, employees and information - to best track not only potential threats, but the successes as well.

Innovate to Alleviate Cybersecurity Pain Points

Hear the insights from a recent panel of security experts to learn how and why enterprise-level support is a crucial element to help other efforts move forward and to alleviate other cybersecurity pain points.

Agencies Incorporate CDM

Learn what challenges have emerged as agencies have integrated Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) programs and what to do to overcome them.

Managing the Risk of Privileged Accounts and Passwords in Defense Organizations

Even with two-factor authentication in place, passwords still present challenges. Learn how to reduce authentication risks while streamlining administrative workflows with One Identity Safeguard.

ADMC-2: Army Tech Contract Joins Elite Level

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) made the Army Desktop and Mobile Computing-2 (ADMC-2) a “Best-in-Class” federal IT contract earlier this year. It is just one of four so far to be given that designation. It specifies ADMC-2 as one contract all agencies, military and civilian, should consider as a preferred source for their IT needs. In this contract profile, we explore one of the most prominent aspects of ADMC-2, the consolidated buy.

Category 6A: The Cabling of Choice for New Installations

This white paper explores the history and likely future of data communications and power over Ethernet technologies to explain what makes Category 6A fundamentally different from Categories 5e and 6, and why it matters today. When considering these factors together, Category 6A is the clear choice for any new installation, serving applications that are emerging today and are expected to become prevalent over the next five years.

IT Modernization through Hyperconverged Infrastructure

While many federal agencies understand the value of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for VDI and work consolidation, fewer understand how it can also help agencies achieve IT modernization goals. The same benefits agencies realize from HCI in areas like virtual desktops, shared storage, and workload consolidation can help them gain traction in meeting other IT modernization goals, such as scalability, availability, performance, security, cost-effectiveness, and time savings. Learn more in this informative report.