Building neurodiverse tech teams

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency started a pilot in 2020 focused on neurodiversity in its workforce. One hire from the effort says the job is a welcome opportunity to use her unique skills and talents to support the agency’s mission

IRS watchdog seeks crackdown on feds who owe back taxes

While civil servants overwhelmingly pay their taxes, the delinquency rate has ticked up for several years.

Acting national cyber director offers new details on upcoming cyber workforce strategy

The forthcoming plan is meant to accompany an overarching cyber strategy released last week that industry groups and cybersecurity experts said would be challenging to implement given the nation’s cyber workforce woes. 

DOD updates job qualifications for cyber workers

Defense’s updated plan focuses on role-specific requirements and comes as the agency’s cyber workforce strategy is slated for imminent release.

House, Senate Dems push bill to prevent the next Schedule F

The latest legislative proposal to block presidents from unilaterally stripping federal workers of their civil service protections creates additional barriers to reclassifying employees.

Congressional Democrats propose an 8.7% pay raise for feds in 2024

The annually introduced bill would provide a 4.7% across-the-board increase in basic pay and an average 4% increase to locality pay.

GSA opens workplace innovation lab, a coworking space for federal employees

The new lab within the General Services Administration’s headquarters features state-of-the-art office technology and furniture crafted to help reimagine federal agencies' future of workspaces

USAID seeks contractor input on new STEM fellowship program

The U.S. Agency for International Development is aiming to launch a new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fellowship program to help build more pathways for skilled talent to enter the federal workforce.

OPM pushes to rebrand government and capitalize on tech layoffs

The Office of Personnel Management is co-hosting a tech job fair on Wednesday. It’s one example of ongoing efforts to rebrand the government as an employer.

Lawmakers propose a federal reserve corps for digital talent

The bipartisan legislation seeks to address the government’s tech and cyber needs by enabling industry professionals to bring their skills and experience to the federal level.

Feds mull changes to cannabis questions on vetting forms

A plan to modernize intake forms for candidates for government service could include revisions to the type of questions asked about marijuana use.

Federal health plan could be spending $1B a year on ineligible dependents, GAO says

A new report found that OPM lacks a process for identifying and removing ineligible members from the Federal Employees Health Benefits program, possibly costing the government $1 billion in improper payments a year.

EEOC on the lookout for tech-fueled employment bias

The employment rights enforcement agency announced plans to crack down violations of anti-discrimination rules stemming from the use of AI and algorithmic decision-making software.

What should the government do in 2023 to fill its cyber workforce shortage?

The threat of cyberattacks makes filling these positions critical, experts say.

Here’s what still needs to happen for feds to get their 2023 pay raise

Although there’s only a month left in the year, there are still a number of things that must be done to finalize an average 4.6% pay hike for civilian federal workers in January.

DOD wants cyber apprenticeships for contractors, but acquisition regs may remain an obstacle

DOD officials say contractors should increase the use of registered cyber apprenticeships, but some companies argue that federal contract requirements often lock them into education and experience prerequisites.

CISA hires its first 'chief people officer'

NASA's Elizabeth Kolmstetter will be charged with aligning talent recruitment efforts at the cybersecurity agency during an increasingly tight labor market.