A cyber workforce strategy is coming from the White House, along with an implementation body to make sure it works

The Office of the National Cyber Director has a workforce plan in development that looks to address public sector and private sector gaps in the cybersecurity profession.

Thousands of FDA employees could face furloughs or RIFs if Congress doesn't act soon

Congressional inaction would leave FDA's drug and biologics evaluation with limited capacity to function.

White House's cyber office seeks a workforce lead

National Cyber Director Chris Inglis said Wednesday that the cyber workforce problem is a top priority.

The Biden administration moves to make unions more accessible to federal contractors

This carries out a recommendation from the White House task force on worker organizing. 

It's official: Biden formalizes average 4.6% pay raise plan for feds in 2023

The annual declaration of a national emergency preventing large automatic pay increases from taking effect confirms that 0.5% of the total pay raise will go to an average increase in locality pay.

Recent grads often don’t consider federal employment, survey says

Many federal agencies continue to face critical workforce gaps in areas like cybersecurity, IT and automation.

Much-hyped effort to help DHS land cyber talent is slow to make hires

So far about four hires have been made under the Cybersecurity Talent Management System, with the agency hoping to make offers to 150 new cyber specialists by the end of September.

The contractor responsible for the TSP’s troubled recordkeeping transition pledges to improve

Since the TSP moved to Accenture’s recordkeeping system on June 1, participants have bemoaned a variety of issues with the new service.

A union is urging support for TSA workforce reform in the defense policy bill

The American Federation of Government Employees also said they oppose a plan to delay the Defense Department’s return to one-year probationary periods for new employees.

The Biden administration ends COVID-19 testing aimed at unvaccinated workers

Employees will soon face the same safety protocols regardless of vaccination status.

Key agencies are shedding the exact employees they need to spend new infrastructure dollars

Watchdogs caution agencies could face critical staffing shortages that could impact implementation of Biden's signature infrastructure law.

A former watchdog has ideas on dealing with poorly performing inspectors general

The former acting Pentagon inspector general asks, “Who is watching the watchdogs?”

Republicans are pushing back on the Biden administration's infrastructure-fueled hiring spree

Agency officials should share more details on a new corps of clean energy workers, lawmakers say.

Biden signs semiconductor Bill, spurring hopes for new jobs and manufacturing around the U.S.

The $54.2 billion measure drew broad support from local leaders, who believe their regions could benefit. “We need to make these chips here in America," the president said.

Senate Dems have joined the push to block a Schedule F revival

As Republican groups discuss plans to reinstitute the controversial plan to strip tens of thousands of federal workers of their civil service protections, congressional Democrats have renewed their efforts to block it.

Trump has endorsed a plan to purge the civil service of ‘rogue bureaucrats’

Former Trump staffers have said they have identified 50,000 federal employees who would be ousted under a new iteration of Schedule F during the next Republican administration.