Unmanned Vehicles

Air Force budget would save on IT, other areas

Although the Air Force's budget is smaller for fiscal 2012, savings gained through efficiency measures will be applied to readiness and modernization, official says.

Army's budget focuses on modernization, includes IT programs

Army's proposed budget emphasizes force maintenance and modernization.

Space policy sets rules for the final frontier

The new National Security Space Strategy outlines how the U.S. government will manage its space industrial base, defend its space assets and share space-based resources with allies.

DARPA unveils program to develop autonomous robots

DARPA's four-year Autonomous Robotic Manipulation program aims to produce robots that can perform complex tasks with minimal human intervention.

Drone helicopter violates DC airspace

The Navy admits it lost control of a drone helicopter for half an hour in restricted airspace in Washington, D.C.

DARPA plans a network of virtual satellites

DARPA revises its program to launch clusters of small, wirelessly connected mini satellites.

How have NASA's Mars robots lasted 24 times longer than expected (so far)?

NASA's two Mars Rover vehicles were designed to last only 90 days but, six years later, they're still operating.

BP asks for military tech to contain oil spill

Oil giant BP plc has requested assistance from the Defense Department for advanced underwater imaging technology and remote operating vehicles that are not available commercially to contain the growing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Battle command network drives Army modernization

In its 2010 Modernization Strategy, the Army outlines its near-term future as it moves to become a taut, versatile and efficient force centered on the battle command network.

Encryption of Predator video feeds will take time

It could take as long as five years before video feeds from Predator and Reaper drones are fully encrypted and U.S. forces are able to keep enemy forces from intercepting the information, reports Ellen Nakashima in the Washington Post.

Army shows Air Force the way on unmanned aerial safety

A series of mishaps involving unmanned aerial systems operating in Southwest Asia has Army and Air Force officials revisiting key operational procedures.

GAO: Delays, costs still problems at DOD

The Government Accountability Office has issued a report that cites continuing high development costs and long delays for Defense Department programs.

SBInet system could get UAVs

DHS is considering using $100 million in stimulus funds to add unmanned aerial vehicles to the SBInet virtual fence system.

Air Force seeks airborne tagging technology

The Air Force is asking for industry input on the development of technology that would be able to remotely tag and track vehicles on the ground.