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Randall Edwards


Adm. Stillman sets sights on Deepwater

Coast Guard's modernization effort depends on new ships and new technology


More money, more progress?

Some lawmakers think the Coast Guard's Deepwater program should be developed faster.


New Deepwater site sets sail

Coast Guard modernization depends on new ships and new technology.


NASA sets Web mark

Space agency officials say the recent landings on Mars are the most popular federal event ever in terms of Web traffic.

Energy, EPA join computing efforts

Supercomputers in North Carolina will be linked with Sandia National Laboratory.


Deepwater floats new site

The team responsible for renovating the U.S. Coast Guard fleet launched a site to provide information.


GAO sees CAPPS II delays

The Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (CAPPS) II is behind schedule in testing and development, Congressional auditors say.

House questions Bush R&D budget

Committee leaders lamented the fact that under Bush's budget request, spending for science and technology would fall from 2004 levels.


Supporting the troops in Iraq

An NGA official says the Iraqi conflict was one of the mapping agency's 'greatest success stories.'


Optimus wins air traffic deal

The Federal Aviation Administration awarded a contract through the Broad Information Technology Services II procurement vehicle.


What's in a name?

Officials say the agency now called NGA has a title that more accurately reflects the organization's true mission.


Staking out new ground

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency transforms beyond maps.


Indian trust model open for comment

The Interior Department is accepting public comments on its updated effort to improve the management of Indian trust funds.

SGI simulates space

Silicon Graphics, already part of the Mars rover testing systems, believes its simulation technology can help the future agenda.


Senate passes DHS tech bill

It would create a program to transfer counterterrorism technology to state and local law enforcement.


NASA aids search for Fla. girl

Two NASA facilities have enhanced a videotape that may show the abduction of the 11-year-old.

House bill stresses smart transport

Systems being developed include a traveler info service, infrastructure integration and wireless enhanced 911.

NASA, San Jose State team on tech

A joint consortium will celebrate the opening of two technology centers in California.


CAPPS gains in TSA request

In the 2005 budget proposal, airline passenger screening gets $15 million more and IT managed services gets $13 million less.

High-end computing highlights DOE tech request

A significant portion of the Energy Department's $24 billion 2005 budget proposal would aid advanced computing initiatives.